Machinery Layout

The Process Flow Diagram shows 6 key components that together make this system unique.

  • Pre-germination technology that enhances see germination speed & quality;
  • Smart method by which the excess, nutritionally strengthened, water is used as drinking water by the cattle.
  • World’s first belt technology, that allows continuous production of fodder that exits the system like a matted carpet;
  • Custom made liquid admixtures and natural fungicide that are added via the irrigation system;
  • Unique cutting system, that cuts the “carpet like” fodder that is ready for harvesting; and
  • Screw conveyor system which mixes the fodder with hay and other liquid mixtures to create a nutritionally balanced feed.

ANVARI 7 Machine can be placed ANYWHERE in the farm, either under cover, or in the open area. Layout plans can be provided upon request