Organic Silicon Super Spreader

Organically approved

BioStim7® Organic Silicon Super Spreader is an organically approved non-ionic adjuvant containing silicon, an element beneficial to plants. The product acts a super spreader, plant penetrator, activator & sticker.

Due to plant available form of silicon present in the product it can be used alone as a growth promoter. Plant available silicon is often limited in most soil types. Thus the product has a dual action. As an adjuvant, it is compatible for use with any acidic or alkaline fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide or herbicide. As it uses low dosage rates (0.1ml/L), it is a very economical product and gives the following benefits:
  • Excellent coverage of plant surfaces.
  • Higher adhesion by 30%.
  • Higher spray efficiency.
  • Higher plant penetration and  uptake.
  • Reduces cost by 25%.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • Has growth promoting effects on plants.

Also, silicon has been found to help increase stem strength. In addition to providing readily available N, P & K and micronutrients such as boron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, cobalt, copper, and molybdenum, BioStim7® contains a proprietary blend of beneficial micro organisms.

The product feeds both the plant and also stimulates the growth of complementary beneficial soil microorganisms. In turn, the soil microbes bio-transform mineral reserves in the soil and make them available to plants. The product is designed to play a key role for the development of overall plant growth and vigour through:

  • Promoting Cell division,Cell enlargement,
    and chlorophyll synthesis.
  • Increase in percentage of seed germination.
  • Improved flowering and reduced flower drop.
  • Increase in the percentage of fruit setting,
  • Greater weight, size, quality and yield of the fruits or the crop. 
  • Better drought heat and cold stress tolerance.
  • Higher resistance to insect pests diseases.
  • Reduction of herbicides, fungicide and insecticides by 40%.
  • Feed and stimulate growth of a healthy soil microbial community,Create greater natural soil fertility.
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilisers by 40%.
  • Feed and stimulate growth of a healthy soil microbial community.
  • Create greater natural soil fertility.
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilisers by 40%.

Application method:

BioStim7® is suitable for use on all crops, lawns, turf, floriculture, ornamental plants and hydroponic farming. It can be used as a foliar spray, and soil application through fertigation, drip irrigation or drenching.

Application use rates (Organic Silicon Super Spreader as an adjuvant):

Fungicide: 0.1%
Herbicide: 0.15%
Fertilizer & other micronutrient spray: 0.1

It has been found to improve drought tolerance and delay wilting in certain crops where irrigation is withheld and may enhance the plant’s ability to resist micronutrient and other metal toxicities, i.e. aluminium, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, etc.


Organic Silicon Super Spreader


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