Calcium and Potassium Balanced trace element

Calcium and Potassium are essential elements needed for plant growth. The unique formulation of BioStim7® is a readily available source of Calcium, Potassium and balanced trace elements.


  • Develop stronger plant structures.
  • Increase in overall growth and yields.
  • Increases shelf life.
  • Better taste and flavour.
  • Improves soil quality, structure, beneficial microbial activities.
  • Drought resistance.

The benefits of Biostim7®
(PTRD)micronutrients fertilizer

  • All micronutrients are in a chelated form, to maximize stability and efficiency.
  • PTRD chelates are absorbed by the plant rapidly and efficiently.
  • Micro chelates are fully soluble in water. Compatibility with a wide range of agrochemicals enables tank-mixing, thus reducing the cost of spray operations by minimizing the number of applications needed.

The mechanism of chelates

Chelate is a complex of a micronutrient ion and an organic molecule that holds it, called ligand. As long as the ion is attached to the ligand, it is protected from interacting with other ions in the solution, which might turn it unavailable for plant uptake. As the micronutrient ions are consumed by the plant, more ions are released from the holding ligands, thus becoming available for plant uptake.

Direction for use:

Mix well before use.
It is advisable to try
out the BioStim7® Cal
Pot on a small area
before spraying on the
whole area.

Foliar application:
  • 5 ml/Litre of water. Mix and spray to get good coverage of whole plant.
Soil application:
  • 1 ml/10 L of Water.


  • 10 to 20L/hectare.
  • BioEssence7® 3×1 10-20 L/hectare.

Aquaponic & hydroponic:

  • 4ml/L of Water.


Calcium and Potassium Balanced trace element

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