Liquid Fertilizer

BioEssence7® liquid fertiliser is a
plant extract essence based fertiliser.

It is developed using proprietary blend of micro-organisms which digest the plant extract into readily available forms which can be easily taken up by the plant both through foliar application and the soil. It contains organic N, P, K as well as essential trace elements such as Boron, magnesium, zinc, cobalt, copper, and molybdenum and more.

Above: Plants grown on belts.

All the micronutrients are in a chelated form to maximize stability and efficiency. In addition to the nutrients, the comprehensive suite of plant beneficial bacteria present in this liquid fertiliser have been shown to:
  • Increase plant tolerance to stress.
  • Improve plant and soil health.
  • Promote hardier plant development.
  • Improve access to the soil nutrients which are unavailable to the plant.
  • Reducing the need for NPK herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides by 40%.
  • Improve the soil structure.
  • Improve the soil structure Create greater natural soil fertility.
  • Increase plant-microbe symbiotic activities.

All these benefits above will increase crop productivity and commercial profitability. As a natural fertiliser it can help in growing safe food and is also suitable for organic growers.

Direction for use:

  • The interval application rates is 5 to 30 or more days.
  • It is advisable to trail BioEssence7® liquid fertiliser on a small area before spraying on the whole area.
  • Foliar application: 500 ml/100 litre of water. Mix and spray to get adequate overage of whole plant. (It is highly recommended to be used with BioStim7® Organic Silicon Super Spreader 15 ml / 100 l water + BioStim7® CalPot 500ml/100 litre water.)
  • Irrigation: 10-20 l/1 hectare. (Recommended + 10-20L / hectare of BioStim7® CalPot and 50ml/hectare of BioStim7® Organic Silicon Super Spreader.)
  • Mix the above ingredients very well in a bucket then add to 100L of water.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of agrochemicals enables tank-mixing, thus reducing the cost of spray operations by minimizing the number of application needed.
  • It is highly recommended that before blossom, the BioEssence7® be used with BioStim7® CalPot, and The BioStim7® Organic Silicon Super Spreader.


Liquid Fertilizer

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