Benefits of ANVARI 7 Machine:

ANVARI 7 Machine:

  • Costs significantly less than traditional methods;
  • Is much less labour intensive;
  • Helps you take control and optimise your production;
  • Provides highly nutritious livestock feed that will significantly enhance the quality of your meat;
  • Produces much higher quantity of fodder in less time;
  • Grows fodder in a significantly smaller space; and
  • Drought proof’s and frost proof’s farming.

Furthermore, ANVARI 7 Machine:

  • Is environmentally friendly, utilising renewable energy (solar & wind technologies);
  • Requires a fraction of the water needed by the typical agricultural systems;
  • Is low maintenance; and
  • Takes full advantage of the benefits of natural sunlight and fresh air, unlike other fodder systems that are typically in a refrigerated and artificially lit environment which result in significantly less bioavailability of nutrients.


Do you want to:

  • Significantly reduce your costs?
  • Make farming less labour intensive?
  • Accelerate the fodder growth process & expedite the entire cattle feeding and fattening process?
  • Have higher level of control over fodder’s quality?
  • Sell meat as “grass fed” at premium prices?
  • Use much smaller pieces of land to feed animals?

Would it be good to never have to worry about droughts or rain again?

If the answer to any of the questions above is YES, then ANVARI 7 Machine is for you.