Watch this 2 minute video to find out how ANVARI 7 Machine works

ANVARI 7 Machine is a "must have" for:

  • Livestock farmers that raise sheep, goat, cattle, pigs and other animals;
  • Dairy farmers;
  • Poultry farmers; and
  • Fish farmers.

ANVARI 7 is the ultimate, soil-free, mechanically automated fodder producing system for nutritionally balanced livestock feed, particularly for superior cattle health and fattening purposes.

Special Features

  • A natural fungicide has been added to the the ANVARI 7 system which will help combat any fungal issues.
  • ANVARI 7 system is not impacted by a drought.
  • ANVARI 7 system is not impacted by severe frosts.
  • Natural sunlight improves the quality of the ANVARI 7 produce. So we encourage the benefits achieved from this.
  • Every ANVARI 7 system can feed 140 cows per day.
  • The footprint of each ANVARI 7 machine is 6.0m x 32.0m.
  • ANVARI 7 system allows you to significantly increase the number of cattle that can feed on your land.
  • When using ANVARI 7, subject to the law of the land and the recommended guidelines, you may consider a land size of 3,000+ m2 for 140 cows.
  • Feeding on ANVARI 7 system’ fodder does result in a healthy cattle and significant increase in muscle and body mass.
  • The ANVARI 7 system has been seen to expedite the speed of weight gain by the animal.
  • Cattle raised on ANVARI 7 system’s fodder have higher quality of meat with noticabily lower water content